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Plan a Successful Pesach Holiday in 2020

Dessertov: satisfied customers, smooth organization

As winter’s end approaches, the ads for Pesach holidays abound everywhere, notably on the Internet and in the press, and bookings have begun.

As a holiday operator, you have assured for yourself maximum exposure and are now awaiting the results.

But you aren’t twiddling your thumbs: this year, you promised top quality to your customers and work awaits you.

Whether it’s an exotic destination or a more traditional holiday, you know that your customers are demanding and you have already made appropriate plans.

But the hardest part is still to come, since you still need to ensure the promises you made, notably regarding food.

More than landscape or activities, what holyday-makers remember is the quality of the food. This domain is particularly difficult at Pesach: on the one hand you want to avoid exorbitant food costs but, on the other hand, you know to what extent it is important to make good choices in this domain in order to satisfy your customers and ensure their loyalty.

Pesach holiday operators all agree on this: the dessert stand is one of their greatest “headaches” and is vital in order to ensure customer satisfaction. The delicious sweet touch that concludes an evening, the snack to take on an excursion, the dessert that upgrades every meal, the palatial buffet. How can one avoid being submerged in orders for raw materials, with inevitable last-minute adjustments? Who will manage the orders, delivery and storage? How can you cut down on waste? Where will you find a pastry chef who is worthy of the name and skilled at using raw materials to create Pesach desserts, with all the restrictions imposed by the laws of kashrut? And it’s not only his salary and lodging that you have to ensure, but also that of his staff which will be in charge of serving the desserts and preparing buffets.  And what will happen when you find there is no room for storage or even for an oven? Who will manage stress in the kitchen?

You know, from experience, that negligence is unpardonable and entails disappointing and losing customers…

Ever eager to upgrade the quality of their gastronomic kosher service for PESACH EVENTS and to impress customers at MINIMUM COST, more than 200 professionals have turned to Dessertov, the Number 1 Supplier of Kosher lePesach Gastronomic Services.

What makes Dessertov attractive:

  • With just a few clicks, you can plan the dessert menu of your Pesach holiday thanks to an online catalogue with more than 200 items.
  • Take advantage of our personal advice service: includes a personal meeting aimed at identifying your needs and adjusting your order per number of participants in your Pesach holiday.
  • Guaranteed quality ready-to-serve products delivered directly to the hotel while abiding stringently to the cold chain.
  • Significant reduction in food cost thanks to planning each menu ahead and strict budget control that avoids surprises and waste.
  • No more worries about orders, delivery and storage of raw materials and/or materials for, during and after an event.
  • Reduction of costs and personnel requirements (salary, lodging, tasks etc.) by using ready-to-serve products (already cut) which do not require a particular skill in terms of presentation and serving – no need for a pastry chef or assistant and LESS STRESS IN THE KITCHEN.
  • Seduce your customers with a superlative dessert stand that looks and tastes delicious.
  • Upgrade significantly and simply your holiday with solutions for all events (hikes, table desserts, buffets, bars).
  • Impress your customers with the latest Pesach trends:   bread rolls, pizzas, quiches, laffas, pasta, ravioli, crepes and more.  

All the products are Mehadrin under the supervision of Hug Hatam Sofer of Petah Tikva and Bnei Brak and adhere to the most stringent kashrut requirements.

Clients who used Dessertov’s service in the past find that they cannot conceive of a Pesach holiday without Dessertov’s expertise.

When you choose the specialist of Kosher lePesach desserts, you are making a winning choice and are guaranteed peace of mind and the confidence of always being on top.     

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